The Road to Salvation – Konark, The Temple, The Legend

The famous Sun Temple, Konark might have been captured, expressed and described in innumerable articles, photos and catalogues but few have portrayed the beauty of the road that connects Konark to Puri or Bhubaneswar. The experience of witnessing this magnificent architecture is unparalleled and the journey to this historic place is no less enthralling.

Camera: Canon EOS 600D, 18-135mm Canon EF-S lens

Canon AS2000IS (Point & Shoot)

Getting There: A one and half hour drive from the capital of Odisha – Bhubaneswar, the World Heritage Site is extremely well connected to all major cities in India.

I stayed at: Yatrinivas,Konark

Duration: 1Night, 2 Days

Pocket Heavy – No

Best Time to Visit – November to February

Legend or History: The actual temple is no more! Yes, many who have not visited the place or have not known about this, would not be aware of the same.The highest temple in India built in the 13th century in honor of the Sun God was then located on the sea shore(now a good 3 kms away).

Legend has it that the idol inside the sanctum used to float in the air due to the subtle placements of magnets on the walls and a huge 52 ton magnet on top of the temple. The first ray of the sun would travel through the “natya mandir” and fall on the diamond placed at the center of the idol.

There are many theories why the temple perished, ranging from faulty architecture to invasion by a Mughal general – Kalapahad, intervention of external forces – Britishers, Portugals etc.
If not for the above, Konark (Sun) temple would surely have been one of the greatest wonders of the world.

Ideal Itinerary: Drive all the way from Bhubaneswar to Konark and check in the hotel. Visit the temple at night when the monument is at its utmost glory.Next day, watch the picturesque sunrise at Chandrabhaga beach and make one more trip to the temple in the daylight (trust me it will be worth it to visit it twice).

Then take the amazing Marine Drive to Puri. This is a 35 km stretch of road to Puri.

Though the entire road is nothing short of dream drive, the first 5 kms is memorable with the amazing beach flanked by casuarina trees on one side and a thick vegetation (which is also a reserve forest) on the other

My View: Well, who I am to recommend a World Heritage site. The aura, the history and the beauty of the place attracts me time and again to visit this quiet and tranquil town…

No travel article is complete without the snapshots of the visited place.

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