The Best Way of Booking Your Hotel For Your Vacation

How will you be booking your hotel abroad this year? This is the question that this article is designed to answer. In all probability you will book your hotel the same way as you did last year which is through a travel agent, although you may have joined the increasing number of people who book their hotel and flights independently

Whatever you do you need to know that there are different ways of booking your hotel for your vacation and you can save hundreds of $$$ if you know where to find them. For example were you aware that there are big savings to be made by using hotel consolidators, but you may not be aware of who they are and what they do.

Until I began to research this article I thought I knew what hotel consolidators were, and what they did, but I have had my eyes opened by what I found out, and you can too. I’m sure you want to know who the main hotel consolidators are, and how you can best use them. Well firstly there are dozens of them, with names you will probably be familiar with if you have been in the habit of booking your hotels and flights by yourself.

Nevertheless it is all too easy to become confused with the choices, the real question is which consolidators are the best.

As an example did you know that Expedia owns Trivago. In my innocence I thought they were completely different companies!!

What you will find out is that there are four big companies who own most of the consolidator websites. You then need to ask yourself how worthwhile it is searching day and night for the best deal. Just check this out.

Expedia Inc. owns,,, Trivago,, – plus TripAdvisor subsidiaries,,,, and

Then you discover that Orbitz Worldwide: owns, and

Thirdly Sabre Holdings Inc owns,, and the gigantic Sabre reservations system used by the travel industry. Travelocity also powers the search on Yahoo Travel.

Finally Inc. owns, and,, and now possibly Kayak.

So what can you conclude from all of this? Well firstly I’d look for a local consolidator in the place you want to go, because you stand a much better chance of getting a better deal on room prices than you will get from the big four previously discussed. After that you can then book your flight early for the lowest prices. Always remember the lowest prices and the best bargains are outside school term time. What you need to do is the realise that families from Japan who are big travellers in their school holidays, and other countries like them may not have the same holiday times as in Europe.

Ian has returned to his first love travel and especially planning your next vacation to make sure everything goes well. Take a look at dramatically increasing the number of brochures you can find for your destination at Great Holiday Brochures, then check out how to avoid misleading hotel reviews Misleading Hotel Reviews

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