Paradise Island

Paradise Island is an island in the Bahamas located on the northern edge of New Providence and within the harbor of the capital city Nassau’s harbor. It is situated just off the shoreline of Nassau and is about 685 acres in size. The island connects to another Bahamian island called New Providence via two bridges crossing the Nassau Harbor. The island is probably most well known for being the location of the famous, sprawling resort called Atlantis.

Paradise Island was formerly known as Hog Island, but has gradually emerged as a favored premiere vacation destination for those who can afford it. The island featured a small airport and airstrip to serve its tourism industry at one time, but this has since been removed and visitors now rely on taxi service from other airports to get to the island.

What was once called Hog Island was transformed into Paradise Island when it was bought and developed by A&P Stores heir Huntington Hartford. The island officially opened in 1962. Hartford hired a Palm Beach architect named John Volk to create and build the Ocean Club, Hurricane Hole, Cafe Martinique, a Golf Course and other island landmarks. A historic 14th century monastery called the Cloisters was also installed.. Gary Player was hired as the golf pro for the island and Pancho Gonzales came on as the tennis pro.

The opening of the island was a big event that was covered in Time Magazine and Newsweek. As the years went on, it continued to be developed for visitors to enjoy.The bridge to Nassau was built, as well as more and more fabulous resorts. Gambling was eventually legalized on the island and casinos were established as well. It has been bought and sold several times since then and was owned at one time by Merv Griffin. It is currently owned by Sol Kerzner and has an estimated value of $2 billion.

Visitors to the island report that the accommodations available there are incredible. The most famous resort on the island is called Atlantis and it lives up to its name as an otherworldly paradise. The Royal Towers hotel is joined by the bridge to Nassau and it features The Bridge Suite, which is located in the span area of the bridge. It is among the most expensive suites in the world, costing travelers $25,000 per night. The famous Beatles’ film Help! was filmed in part on the island.

The weather on the island is hard to beat, with temperatures ranging from the high 70s to the high 80s without much variation year round. The island was not receive its name for nothing; the weather, the pristine beaches, crystal clear waters and vast blue skies make it an ideal vacation destination if it’s in your budget. A resort vacation on Paradise Island is definitely one you will remember and treasure for a lifetime.

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